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Our Unique Charcuterie & Cutting Boards!

These beautiful charcuterie boards are always unique, because each piece of wood sings with it's own color and grain pattern. Some are old-growth redwood, some second growth, some burl. Some have red or white oak, and now- Nutmeg!  Bits of cherry, too.  Our cutting boards seen below them on this page, are hardwoods- walnut, white oak, red oak, lychee. Some have epoxy inlays, some inlays include abalone shells, all gorgeous! We gather the shells ourselves, and do the logging for the wood as we help manage a 2,000 acre wooded parcel. We bring the wood home to mill it here. Lately we have begun buying some slabs to reduce the amount of work, but it's all beautiful. We're here on the Redwood Coast in northern California, so these are all a local flavor!

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Fun With Food!

These lovely charcuterie boards- each one unique!- are so easy to use... Just Add Food!


101 Charcuterie board

Description coming soon...

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