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These beautiful pieces were custom orders, incorporating the buyers' design ideas where possible. 

Let us help you create your own unique masterpiece as well!

Custom order your beautiful wedding gift for your loved ones!



This coffee table speaks for itself with a beautiful inlay of abalone shells in a pool of ocean blue epoxy! Rare "curly" pattern of grain, old-growth redwood. Currently for sale on our page "Furniture & More".



These two pieces have beautiful white-water rivers, and blend old-growth with second-growth redwood. Love!

Work bench turned table top...

This began as a design for a work bench, but turned out too beautiful so now it goes in their house.

Cypress and nutmeg coffee table

We made this for a show, and it sold itself. A nutmeg top, cypress legs and bench, with random inlays- see a close-up below...

Close-up of item above

Here you can better see the artistic effect of the 'pools' created by cutting out damage and filling with the blue resin, beautiful!

Custom Bar Top

This custom bar top turned out sweet! The sides of each piece are the rare 'curly' grain old-growth, with the inner piece clear second growth. And his signature inlay of abalone shells was enhanced for this musician with a few guitar picks, beautiful!

Custom bench with shelf

This has a beautiful unique pattern all its own!


Live Edge Bench or Coffee Table

This beautiful, rich, rare, curly old-growth redwood makes a statement!


Coffee table of cypress & nutmeg

This beautiful piece has a cypress top (see close-up below) and nutmeg legs and lower shelf. The abalone shells are inlaid deep in the ocean blue epoxy.

Distressed garage doors

A friend and neighbor had this idea, and we love it.

A Good Match!

Our custom orders pop when they get into the homes they were dreamed up for!

Curly Grain Pattern..

This rare, old-growth curly grain redwood is so beautiful and rich, this customer was stoked!

See a close-up below...


Hearth Bench

We loved this customer's idea for a hearth bench, very nice!

Table with  Benches

Bar Stools

Redwood Burl Clock

Handsome as can be, the people who ordered this want more as gifts..

Bench 1

This lovely customer wanted a bench for the head of the bed, as well as one for the foot of it. (See Below)

Bench 2

Full order of tables and benches, including the picture under this one..

This was a big order for a nice place to enjoy events..

And these...

When the rest of the work is completed, this will be a lovely place to gather.

And these...

This now is a lovelier  place to gather.

She wanted a frame for the mirror, and hung it above the console table she also ordered.

Very nice look for the entry.

They wanted metal legs, nice!

Later, the matching style of legs for a bench, but of wood, see below..

...and matching bench.

Sweet Set!

Memorial Bench

This beautiful bench with an embedded plaque about the lost loved one will be set down at the Point Arena Lighthouse permanently.

Peaceful Setting

This beautiful bench in this beautiful setting will be well-loved indeed.

Console Table

This is a popular item, custom orders welcome for the exact specs desired. This was ordered along with the dining table below it.

A Custom Dining Table

One incredible piece, wow!

A Curved Bench

She wanted this for her garden, and we love it too!

Console Table

She wanted a beautiful, old-growth console table, and that's what she got!

A favorite table

We almost couldn't let this one go, but we did.

With benches

Reclaimed old-growth, wow..

They wanted this beautiful darkened old-growth, and love it!

Serving table

Round coffee table for the deck

12 foot slab table

Perfect for a conference table, or large outside dining.

The underside is pictured to show strength..

Beautiful bench with shelf

This custom bench with a lower shelf has an epoxy with mixed colors like water swirled together..

Bench or coffee table..

This sold the first day it went on display, so rustic!

Water flowing through..

A close-up to see the swirled epoxy in all its glory..


This was ordered with two bedside tables, show here also.


This sturdy yet elegant blanket chest, we all need one!

End table

Two of these were ordered with the blanket chest, three sweet pieces.


This was a dream that we were happy to turn into a reality for the couple who designed it..

An oak picnic table

Because we all need picnic tables!

And a beautiful bar

Because we all need a beautiful bar, these happy customers (and good friends) decided to have both!

Sofa table

And another slab bench..

Adirondack chairs

Another happy customer with 6 of these beauties on her deck.

Adirondack chairs

These will be popular.

Custom deck chairs!

They knew what they wanted, and got it..

Custom rolling bar

See the back of it below...

Custom rolling bar

And the back of it...

Long dining table

With metal legs. See the heavy-duty support underneath in the pic below...

Long dining table

See the heavy-duty support underneath.

Custom Bench!

Live-edge Coffee Table!

This and the next four pictures are of custom benches ordered by the city of Point Arena, to beautify our town. And they do..

Bench by the pier!

Another bench for the playground!

Bench for anyone to see view from an overlook...

Each bench installed permanently in concrete.

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